Saturday, February 18, 2012


Among the many ways to invest in friendship, there is one we often neglect ­– prayer. When we can’t connect with friends personally, and that is the most rewarding part of a friendship, we can do our part in continuing caring, positive input into their lives by speaking to God about them. Friendship is a two-way deal, but by asking for favor, for protection, for guidance, for wisdom, for healing, for grace from their Creator for them, we maintain the one part of the relationship for which we are responsible. We probably know how life is with them and from what we know, we can appeal to God to change circumstances for them.
     Of course we now have the ease of sending e-mails, texting and Skyping to discover specific needs they may have. And you can  choose to leave with them items of concern in your life.
     Maybe some days you wish a friend would be in touch. You are ready to admit that you are lonely and really wish they would connect. Pray for them. You will experience satisfaction and also can be pleased that you are messaging good will toward them.
     Praying for each other, and even you only for a friend, strengthens the bond of friendship. Try it.


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